Hotel Ohrberg

General terms and conditions

1. In case a Hotel room has been ordered, promised or provided within short then a contract between guest and hotel is considered to be concluded.

2. The conclusion of such a Contract binds the contractual parties during the whole duration of the Contract to fulfil their mutual obligations.

    a) Obligation of the Hotelier is to hold the room ready according to order.

    b) Obligation of the Guest/Company is to pay the price for the time (duration) for which the Hotel Room was ordered.

3. In case the Guest/Company does not make use of the ordered Hotel Room, then the Guest/Company however remains legally bound to pay the price for the agreed Hotel performance, regardless of the reason for prevention. Thereby only actual savings of the Hotel may be deducted.

4. The savings of the Hotel are in case of accommodation 20% of the agreed price.

5. If the Hotelier can rent the not utilized Room to another guest/company, then the Guest/Company is not obliged to pay the amount the Hotelier achieved otherwise for this time/period.

6. The Hotelier is entitled to receive before departure a cash payment for all performances and thus has a legal lien on the subjects the Guest brought in.

7. Place of jurisdiction is the place of the Hotel, because also in the event of a non-utilization of the room , the performances out of the Contract between Guest and Hotel have to be rendered at the place of the Hotel.